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What is CERVN?

CERVN automates checking website differential.
When you use CERVN, all you have to do is only register the URL list and set the registration page.
By monitoring on schedule, changes are automatically caught and the person in charge is notified.










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Features of CERVN

If you check websites manually

Takes time and effort
Every day is laborious!

✓ Oversights

✓ The volume you can investigate is limited

✓ Transcription errors

✓ Large work burden

If you use CERVN

Simply by registering the URL you wish to observe!
Perform differential check at fixed time

✓ Large cut in manhours

✓ Compatible with both images and files

✓ Reduction in oversights

✓ CSV output

Main functions of CERVN

  • URL batch registration

    For each project, the monitored URLs can be registered as a batch using an Excel file.

  • Mail alert notification

    You can register/edit the email addresses of representatives who can receive the change signals.

  • Check frequency settings

    You can set the frequency of monitoring for each project.

  • Screen captures

    You can compare WEB images using a screen capture (screenshot). The highlight function enables you to see what has changed at a glance.

  • Page comparison highlights

    You can display the content that has changed between the previously acquired page and the page acquired this time.(The detected change differentials can be highlighted and compared)

  • File comparison

    When a WEB page file is updated, it compares the old and new files.

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Use cases

  • Track large numbers of patents with small number of people!

    Provides an alert when there are changes to the transition country information/patent right status for patents to be monitored.
    Great savings can be made in manpower as you only need to check the alerts.

  • Do not miss the opportunities for business!

    Swift grasping of changes in the transacting companies enables stable management and increased profits of your business.
    Changes in the customer company lead to business opportunities.

  • Fully automate the process of checking local government websites!

    Automatically checks over 1,700 local government bodies every day.
    Using congressional minutes, you are able to check the update status of information, such as policy and urban development before bids.

  • It also satisfies compliance overseas!

    Able to watch out for regulations and new laws from administrative pages and websites of public bodies in various countries.
    Enables you to utilize the power of global research, taking you beyond any language barriers.

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for choosing CERVN

It enables you to resolve various issues you may face when monitoring websites.

Greatly reduces work hours

Easy-to-use, convenient functions

Check differentials by various sources

Greatly reduces work hours

Collecting business information every day is very tedious and time consuming!

  • Daily check competitor/business partner news
  • Daily check administrative information
  • Daily check industry paper/general paper/economic paper
  • Check service charges regularly (electricity/gas/communications, etc.)

With CERVN, configuration is simple as you only have to set the URLs to compare!

Compared to checking websites manually, work manhours can be reduced to 1/12.

Easy-to-use, convenient functions

Function Description
Screenshot Take screenshots of pages that have changed compared to last time.
File comparison When the file on the WEB page is updated, the old and new files are compared.
Project management Set a project for each theme to be monitored.
URL list registration URL to be monitored can be registered in a CSV list for each project.
Period registration Set the monitoring frequency for each project.
Service start Set the start and stop of the service for each project.
Signal address registration Register/edit the email address of the person who receives the change signal
Monitoring list List the pages that have changed.
Page comparison highlights Display the changes of the previously acquired page and this time acquired page. (Highlight the detected changes and compare)
Keyword registration When performing keyword inspection, register the keyword to be inspected.

Equipped with simple settings and convenient functions!

Alert the differential result

Comparison of changes on website

Catch differentials → notify update status

Customize optional functions
according to you!

Check differentials by various sources

  • Differential display
    based on screen capture

  • Text-based
    differential display

  • Differential display
    based on HTML source

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1How many URLs can be monitored per day?

Basic plan recommends less than 5,000 URLs/day, but if you need more than 5,000 URLs/day, we can provide an option to increase the number of monitors.

Q2How do I count the URLs?

For example, if you want to see the company's homepage, you should count 1 URL for the top page and 1 URL for the company profile. Also, if you access the TOP page twice in one day, it is counted as two URLs.

Q3How can I disable the detection of the ad part?

There is a function to specify the difference detection range. You can specify the detection and the exclusion zone, and if you specify the exclusion zone for the advertisement, it will not be detected.

Q4If I register the URL of the company's TOP page, is it possible to register its subordinate/new URL automatically? Will auto-registered URLs also be monitored?

Automatic registration of URLs in the lower layers is provided as an optional feature. The registered URLs will be subject to monitoring.

Q5Can I target sites that require a login?

Automatic login function is provided as an optional feature.

Q6Is it possible to detect the same image file name but different contents?

Yes, it is possible to detect differences even for images with the same file name. It is possible to detect differences between images with the same file name.

Q7Can I register multiple URLs at once?

It is possible to register multiple URLs. From the project registration page, you can register multiple URLs at once by using an Excel file.

Q8What are the items that show differences?

There are four items: text, keywords, HTML and images.

Q9What is the minimum period of use?

The minimum period of use is 3 months, or 1 year in the case of an annual contract.

Q10What are the criteria for detecting differences?

The following cases are detected.

  • -There is a textual difference.
  • -Keywords are included in text differences (only when setting keywords)
  • -There are differences in the HTML.
  • -There's a difference in the image.
Q11What kind of function is the keyword registration function?

It is a function to notify the user when the keyword appears in the page.
For example, if you set the keyword [Important], the function will automatically detect when the keyword [Important] appears in the page and notify the user of the keyword discovery.

Flow to CERVN deployment

  • STEP1

    Apply for your free trial Fill in the necessary items in the form on the page to apply for your free trial, and complete the free trial application.

  • STEP2

    Up to 2 weeks free trial After applying for the free trial, you will be issued with a CERVN account. You can enjoy trying out the CERVN functions for up to 2 weeks.

  • STEP3

    Official deployment If you wish to continue using the service after the free trial, please apply for official deployment.

Company Profile

Company name
Keywalker, Inc.
November 22, 2000
Shin Roppongi Building 7F, 7-15-7Roppongi, Minato-ku,Tokyo
106-0032 Japan
TEL : 81-3-6384-5911
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